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Horstein is a leading construction company known for its ability to meet client requirements while delivering high-quality projects. We are committed to forging lasting relationships, delivering to the highest standards in safety, quality and sustainability. Our management expertise and comprehensive services cover the civil engineering, construction and building. The market sectors covered are low, high-rise office, residential commercial buildings, roads, sports facilities, railway infrastructure and transport intermodal facilities etc. Over the years, Horstein has built capacity to operate as a design and construct constructor on prestigious developments for the whole life cycle of the project. We also have a strong commitment to health and safety and we operate incident & injury free wherever we have a presence.

we have a proven record of working smoothly with clients and this has resulted in repeat business. Construction projects are complex, often involving specialist subcontractors and suppliers, thousands of workers, and millions of dollars in material, equipment, and services. Such operations demand sound construction management, a skill that Horstein is endowed with.

Horstein expertise in building construction includes:

• Bid and contract management
• Procurement of equipment and materials
• Construction management
• Facilities management

A. Commercial & Residential

Our team of design and project management specialists combine fresh thinking and experience to create outstanding projects that are innovative, sustainable and commercially viable. Horstein has successfully leveraged its experience to successfully deliver projects.

i. Housing
  • Low Cost and Social Housing
  • The concept is to put in practice urban development that produces sustainable environmental value even after residents move in. The specifications of the product are in line with social housing standards along with required affordability measures for the inhabitants

  • Student Accommodation
  • The construction of student accommodation is in line the overall organizational strategy of providing a safe, ambient and efficient accommodation for students that are required for use in achieving the tertiary educational institutions organisational strategy and objectives. The demand for student accommodation on the African continent is staggering. In South Africa alone supply is 12 000 beds for a demand of 700 000. Horstein has provided exceptional services in this sector that has a solid off-take. In Zimbabwe, only 20% of the student intake can access accommodation due to the the dire shortage.

  • Upmarket Residential
  • In the upmarket residential sector, Horstein has consistently provided housing solutions for clients, providing the expected look and feel and themes that align with client taste and preferences.

    ii. Offices

    Horstein has embraced the current trend of providing ambient and convenient working space with incorporation of green building principles. Horstein has the expertise to provide design and construction services. Landmark projects include the Econet Wireless Service Centre in Bulawayo, the NSSA Cornerstone House and the refurbishing of typical office floors to the signature Carlton Centre Office Tower for Transnet in Johannesburg South Africa.


    B. Airports

    We provide all facets of aviation facilities and airfield infrastructure. Our efficient solutions help airports and airlines maximise their commercial revenues.

    C. Hospitality and Tourism

    We provide total solutions for specialising in both renovation and ground-up construction for hospitality clients, ensuring hotels meet the exacting standards. We undertake tasks, where required, with minimal disruption to customers and the ability to work as discretely as we do effectively.
    Horstein is currently involved through its sister company Delta Consulting in unique tourism projects at the Blyde Nature Reserve in Mpumalanga South Africa. The unique projects of the Skywalk and Cable Car are part of the portfolio of the programme.

    D. Education

    We work with our education clients to provide outstanding, flexible facilities to meet the requirements. We provide new and refurbished infrastructure to primary and secondary schools. We also work closely with major tertiary education facilities to deliver important capital works programs to meet the needs of students, staff and stakeholders.

    E. Health

    We have developed unique sector experience in public and private health, to deliver large or small and highly complex projects. We leverage our expertise in design, construction and the delivery and operation of healthcare facilities.

    F. Retail and Mixed-use

    We design, project manage and construct retail projects.  The increasing demand for mixed use developments has provided opportunities for innovative solutions for our clients.  Our understanding of the sector’s unique needs has enabled us to develop strong relationships with a diverse corporate client base.


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    About us

    Horstein Construction is a project company which is focused on delivering general building and civil engineering contracting, management contracting, construction management and project management services in the built environment. Horstein is based in Harare and has presence in South Africa and Botswana.


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