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Our Consulting team of respected industry experts serves owners, architects, engineers, contractors, construction managers and legal counsel. We focus on improving the delivery of construction projects across all segments and rely on well-proven processes and state-of-the-art project management technologies to improve collaboration among project stakeholders and optimize performance.

We offer strategic and tactical services on an as-needed basis or provide total project management and control services for the entire duration of a project.

1 Transaction Advisory
Horstein has a sound track record of transaction advisory engagements with the private sector and public sector including the metropolitan and local municipalities. In undertaking transaction advisory services Horstein is endowed with skills to develop project scoping. In most cases public organizations the transaction advisor shall to provide its services in a manner that is suitable to the client requirements. Beyond scoping, our transaction advisory services extend to production of feasibility studies for project using a public sector comparator and PPP reference models. The feasibility studies enable the client to determine: Full project cycle costs, Affordability limits, Risks and their costs, Optimal value-for-money methods of delivery.

If, based on the feasibility study, a PPP solution is decided on, and if the client requires it, Horstein will provide the necessary technical, legal and financial advisory support for the 11procurement of a private partner. This will expedited in compliance with all elements of legislation and all implementing regulations.

2 International Advisory & Assistance
Horstein offers a comprehensive range of technical services to our customers. Beginning with project planning and budget development through the design phase and procurement process to the final punch-list and project close-out,  Horstein manages each program or project as an extension of the customer's own project staff. We provide engineering, construction management, planning, procurement, training, and logistics support and other augmentation support services to government customers.

3 Public Private Partnership Facilitation
Horstein is cognizant of the demand for infrastructure development in Southern Africa and Africa at large. Horstein has developed expertise in innovative procurement and in PPPs to engender delivery of the much needed infrastructure, a pre-requisite for economic growth. The sectors of focus in this regard include toll roads, railway and energy. The services offered include PPP bid team mobilization, feasibility management, bid preparation, agreement frameworks, implementation management and operational interface.

4 Project Finance Facilitation
Horstein is involved in various initiatives, through partnering and strategic alliances in packaging projects for project finance and fundraising. This is being explored in the commercial sector, housing developments and in infrastructure development initiatives. Our understanding of the built environment has positioned us as a leading contributor to project finance initiatives.

5 Professional Cost Engineering and Quantity Surveying
All clients in property building need a full understanding of the costs to be incurred in their investments, proper cost monitoring and control of their investments during the execution of the project from the start to final project completion. The main interest of clients is to be constantly informed about project costs so that no shocking financial conclusion is reached. In order to safeguard the clients' interests and to assure them of achievement of the full value for their investments, we offer a full range of Professional Project Management. Capital Program Risk Management, Construction Advisory & Project Management, Consulting Services for Government Contracts, Cost Analytics & Auditing Services, Dispute Resolution, Planning & Scheduling Services, Project Types and much more


Consulting Service

Our experts possess decades of engineering and construction experience and apply it to the everyday challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the construction process. Depending on your specific project needs and requirements, Horstein provides the following consulting services:

  • Construction Management, Project management.
  • Scheduling, Cost Estimating, Constructability Review.
  • Construction pre-planning and Advisory.
  • Contract Administration, Change Order Management
  • Joint ventures with owners for land improvements

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About us

Horstein Construction is a project company which is focused on delivering general building and civil engineering contracting, management contracting, construction management and project management services in the built environment. Horstein is based in Harare and has presence in South Africa and Botswana.


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Phone: + 27 11 039 5371
Fax: + 27 86 585 8275

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